Erben der Schöpfung Lyricdiary


Just another diary...

Now you may ask yourself: “What is this diary for now? “ Let me tell you this: Often we get asked how we work on a new album and how it originates etc. This is quite own to every artist and sometimes a very intimate experience, because not seldom almost the whole inside has to be turned Outside to be able to write music or text.

lyricdiary DinaOn this point I can’t speak for others, but I would like to allow a small insight to you how it can be... So I decided to lead diary in some way about my work on lyrics, so you can see how it may be. I’ts not about spinning the story of my life here but it is a matter of explaining the work „behind the scenes“ and telling you what can inspire to write and what kind of thoughts are lieing behind these lyrics. If you expect my biography, I’m sorry...stop reading now. But if you would like to accompany on a small piece of my way, go ahead. A lot of fun with it! (:


Jane Churm and my appointment planner

I will not postconstruct the stories to the lyrics I have already written, except the story from „Jane Churm “. This is easy for me, because this are no personal thoughts, but the legend around one of the most famous ghostpictures. Beforehand, I believe in the genuineness of the photo because I think that the energy of a person can absolutely leave tracks after death at a certain place, provided by existance of strong emotions.Foto von Jane Churm

I will not copy paste the legend arround this picture at this place because if you are interested in it there are a lot of sources in the net that provide enought informations about it. What has moved us to write a text was the fact that to us paranormale phenomenas are very interesing. Not because of the „horror“ but because it, at least for us, it proves life after death. Before I started to write the lyrics about that legend I faced the problem of not knowing how to write it.

I did not want to simply retell the story. Actually the complete text already was written in my appointment planner but I thought anyhow that it sounds „childish“. The words were too unauthentically etc. however I thought that this would bet he case because this were my fist lyrics at all I was about to write for a song. Because I simply did not like the words I have sat down and listened the song over and over. Beside Freeze my soul (formerly Freezing) Jane Churm had to wait very long for processing. All of a sudden the words came like they’ve always have been there and fitted well. Today I still could not think of other words that would fit in. There I’ve learned that I only will write completely fitting words next to spinning the music to it and listening to the melody. Since my appointment planner is used for ist real purpose again and not for processing lyrics anymore...


Home yet still „Homeless“

As I was listening to the pianomelodies of „Homeless“ for the first time I knew very quickly that the word „Home“ belongs to this song. I thought that it would be easy to write these lyrics because of these intriguing melodies but still there where missing some parts fort he songstructure to be done.
Since I was in love with this song I wanted so bad to also finish the structure of it! „Ok, it’s yours!“ Yessssss! ;)
It wasn’t that easy though because nothing really wanted to fit in. I was afraid to devastate and mess it up and since the song wasn’t done the lyrics could not be written yet. It took me a while do find a matching passage and finish at least the songstructure but I did not want to think about the lyrics...oh cheese! I was turning the word „home“ back and forth but it just would not fit in anywhere. And how the hell should I write lyrics with this single word? Just before falling asleep that night all of a sudden a vocalline came upon my mind. Great! How come I didn’t get this earlier?

There was just nothing better to fit in but I had to forget about the word „home“ and use „homeless“ instead. I just smashed the vocallines and lyrics in there like there have never been anything else. Pictures came up my mind. People sitting on rooftops, böack clouds and grey shapes taking over the any space to live. (No thanx! I don’t need professional help! That is normal brainactivity! I can handle that!)
Next to that the story a friend once told me came upon my mind. On the wa to her hometown she had to travell through an area witch was almost completely bombed and all that was left of a city was dust and nothing. Nobody was out there anymore because there was nothing to take care of anymore but one old man still drove himself to stay there. He was pulling an old oven through the bombed houses. If he wouldn’t have been doing that he would have been starving.

The same feeling this story left behind I got on my mind when I wrote the lyrics to „homeless“. Just like any lyrics you can interpret this song in many ways. It could be mentally, the political way, on a friendship or just like most of you would like to have it the relationship-story-way. You can put it the way you want it and I’m sure you also once felt homeless no matter how. But let me tell you to not give up on your life just like that old man with his oven....


Good ol’ beautiful end of the world „twisted“

I’m not sure about my opinion on mankind.
On one side they almost are addicted to destroy anything, never omit on anything for someone or something else, they eat more and more even if they are full of , do what they want without seeing any of the concequences.
Yes, even me, even you!

On the other side they are real heroes, wonderful creatures willing and able to do anything they want. They make miracles come true, create, share, love.
Even me, even you!

Why aren’t we just doing it? What side is more laboriously? What side means more to the world and what side means more for mankind? What side ist the better one? I think we need both. We need one side to recognize and be aware of the other one. We need to be betrayed to recognize that we need to live our lifes by ourselves.
We need devastation to see how social or egoistically we can be. I think we can find the way in the middle of both sides if we put both of them together but fort hat we need to have both sides. You bet: Even me and even you! ☺ Writing the lyrics on Twistes I forgot about the side I belong to. Devastate or create?
That’s every days life...


Your Lullabies

This topics seems upon my mind forever and since EdS is all about life and death it just fits in perfect! Therefor it was a matter of time writing lyrics about it. Well, here it is and it makes me nothing but sad!
I’ve seen too much concerning children and some things you just don’t want to believe!
And I’ve seen people getting children just to give them away every day. Not because they have to. And I’ve seen people who had to make children immediately because they where slightly getting old and just because one have Kids on a certain age.
You know what? Just Stopp it! There is a human beeing coming to you. A complete perfect soul which is in need of you because there is no way to communicate except crying. Just imagine you not beein gable to communicate more than that just for one single day...
....nothing more to say!!


Krähenauge (Crow-Eye)

I’m still not sure if these lyrics will fit the song. I really do like the lyrics but I’m not sure if all these words will fit into good vocallines. We’ll see soon though.
This absolutely was the hardest one to write lyrics and the worst case at all is to have a poetical emptiness. Well, not that you can talk about poetical looking at me but empty words are about nailing it! I was shifting words, shoveling them arround, crossed them out again just to write the same words again.
I did not know what I need. Different words? Different theme? What theme about would it be anyways? No clue! Time was passing by and I got nervous and itchy.
One fine day I had an idea but then the words would not fit at all. Anything I was about to write sounded so thin.

Then I had to write the studiodiary for the day we recorded the vocallines to „Locked“. For the lyrics of „Locked“ I mixed english and german words.
That was it! German!
First of all german and second I was not forced to write about world themes. No one forced me!
I realized that I wanted to write more romantic and peotical and dark metaphoric kind of lyrics. I was looking to hard for themes.
So hard that I forgot about making art! Wham!
The words where flowing out of my fingers. Nearly too many words and I could have done three versions of this song. Now I’ve got lyrics but I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to fit them all into a good sounding vocalline.
We well know soon. ☺


Der tote See (The dead Lake)

On some days you don’t need a lot of things to write lyrics. When Olli came up with this song I immediately had vocallines to it in my mind and I wanted to write lyrics right away. But „right away“ became evening. Such a crapy day consisting out of waiting for other people made me furious because I need a bit of time for myself knowing to have nothing else to do the next houre to write lyrics. But that was exactly the right mood I needed!

So I was listening to the song again in the evening and I began to write. I saw a grey swamp in the fog and I was smelling the sulfur that was floating over this swamp and I wanted to take a walk at its bank. What I saw in my mind became the lyrics for this song and once again it is completely held in german.

It makes me sad that this was the last song I had to write lyrics for on this album and I'm sad to stop this diary for a while. But maybe I will continue durign the writingprocess of the next album. Until then take care out there!