Erben der Schöpfung Studiodiary

Narben der Zeit

Vocals Dina

Day 1

Dina im StudioEven if I was looking very forward to record vocals for the new album I was not really pushing high levels today.

Hence, we decided to start with the song „Jane Churm“, because this song is to be sung very nicely. The key position is very diverse and therefore it fulfilled the purpose of the „Studio-Opener“.

After a few warm-up exercises we immediately got cracking and got through the song very fast. We were surprised as we saw that we had all voices in the box at once already. Nice! ☺

A short break (unfortunately no coffee for me yet ...) then we took care of the song „Leaving “ which we had recorded already first of all at the new studio. There were only a few sequences left, indeed very high for my relations but after „Jane Churm“ nothing could kill me.

Then we already stoped for today and went to sip our well-earned pot of coffee.

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Day 2Dina im Studio

Today we took off to record a very interesting song. „Frequency“

Frequency is the probably most diverse song on the album, because I mixed many different styles of singing in it. Partly techniques I have never done before...there is some speaking, sequences of EBM/whispering, „normal “ vocals, shouting sequences and „as loud as you can sing“ sequences. I am curious how it will sound at the end.

The whispering sequences have almost cut my steady state, because of way too much oxygen that made me became dizzy. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and I think that we will use this kind once again.

This song we finished very fast too, but because of the different vocal styles that surely demanded a lot we made this to stay the only song for today. I decided to think over the next title and in thoughts I quick went through: „Locked/Verschlossen“. There also I will have to face new challenges ...the german lyrics.

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Day 3

Almost exactly one year is over since the last vocal recordings. Frightening how time flies by even in this case it turned out to be good to take that heck of a long time!
And we where working hard! No doubt I was looking so forward to get my butt into the studio for vocalrecordings!

Since the guitars got done a lot faster than we thought they would we already started the evening of june the 2nd.
Time to prepair me and the studio. Today on June the 3rd I was heading for another start.

„Freeze my Soul“ which you might know as „Freezing“ off of our MySpace-Site was the best to open up the vocalrecordings. It is great to sing.
Easy and pleasently to sing even if it is a very sensetive song. Beside the passage at the very end which I still don’t know about getting up that high! ☺

Since we have a lot of work to do besides the recordings we left it to be one song for today. End of day form y voice but not for me...

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Day 4

Just how I mentioned it the 2nd day of recording (one year ago sheeesh!) we worked on „Locked/Verschlossen“.
Doubletiteled becaaaaaause; there are some passages in german! Some of you where longing for it and there we go I was thinking of you! ☺

Actually I was afraid of this song! Really!
I’ve never been singing german lyrics in my whole entire life and I even sound weird if I speak german. But sing in german?!

Let me tell ya that it worked out! Also we created a very weird tendency on this song.
I really like it and I hope you will too! ☺

„Locked/Verschlossen“ also is very diverse and in the end it was such fun to do it and we where done so fast!
Today also we thought about it beeing ok to stop recording.
Tomorrow we planned to record the last few basslines and if there is enough of time I maybe will be able to record another song.
If not we will start over on Saturday. I’m looking so forward!

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Day 5

Recording the basslines was set on another day so I could record the vocals for one more song today.
„Maybe tomorrow“ one of my favourites and also fitting the bass-recording-theme. ☺
I don’t know what the heck was going on today. There was a special tension in the air maybe because of the weather?
I don’t know but actually positive for this song today! The feeling fitted the song very well and we where done so fast!

Since I had to write some lyrics fort his album which I was working on for a longer time we decided to Stopp for today.
But before I did some writings we drew up the paraglider for a while and could slow down a little.
That felt good!

For now I have to go get this lyrics done! But maybe tomorrow ☺ I’ll be back depending on the Basslines!

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Day 6

Today no bassrecordings but a new song.
Unfortunately I’m not immune on colds (shame on me!) and that’s why we also just recorded one song for today but a really good one!

„Your Lullabies“ mainly contains spoken passages and just a few sung ones which have been turning out to be very beatuiful!
Since I’ve not been recording a demoversion of this song I only had the lyrics and aome kind of concept in my mind and that is why today has been a surprise for me too.
But since we’ve been able to just record one song today we wanted to spend enough time on it.

During recording the first line I’ve already had the second in my mind.
Recording the second I’ve been thinking of the third. We literally flew over it and in the end we where contently!
I hope you also will!
Tomorrow maybe some bassrecordings otherwise I’ll be „on the road“ again. Hopefully in top form ;)

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Day 7

Some days went by and we finally recorded some basslines since Christian Seele was running for rescue.
Thanks a lot once more! Finding a bassplayer helping us out made us take a deep breath of fresh air.
Our usial bassplayer Jens unfortunately could not help us on some further recordings because time was not on his side these days that was the reason for needing help on this.

Today we actually wanted to hang out and recover with paragliding but some strange winds made us pack our stuff together and go home.
Sitting at home again we spontaneously decided to record another songs vocallines.
Things just have to be done, right?

I wanted to record „Twisted“ as quick as possible because I was no fried of singing this song. Right....WAS!
The last time we tried to get this thing done was the day we got another reject on the bassguitar and I was already p** because of that so I guess it could be heard during singing.

Today everything was different!
I could sing this song just how I wanted it to sound.
„Twisted“ lyricwise contains two salient contrasts and that is what I wanted it to sound like too.
I was surprised what we’ve made of this song and I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve been singing that free and strong.
Even if there are these contrasts in the song we only did very few second voices and harmonylines on the vocals.
It kinda sounds naked beeing used to working with a lot of harmonies but I guess exactly dis nackedness makes this song strong.
I’m happy that I could improve even in this chaotic time and I’m looking forward to the next day of recording!

-In the end Jens could record the basslines himself :)


Day 8

This afternoon humidity in the air was so high that we where looking forward to the cool and dry studio.
Day by day the Sheets are getting less on the to-do-side.
That is why I got boisterously and letting me select one of the most difficult songs to sing on this album for today.

„Krähenauge“ means such as „Crows Eyes“ and emerged to be difficult already when I was writing the lyrics and searching for vocallines.
Until I tried to write the lyrics in German. Yes.
Another song entirely written in German.

In the beginning it felt weird again to sing in German but after trying on how to pronounce the words it became a lot easier.
We didn’t want to make it sound like Rrrrammsteinnnn.
Dear reader singing this song I became aware of why I do my diaphragm-exercises.
Looking forward to the muscular strain! ;)
After all a verrrry cool Song!

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Day 9

last day No I won’t become sentimental.
While listening to Bruce Dickinson’s „Navigate the Seas of the Sun“ I’m writing another part of the studiodiary...the last one for a long time.
Actually I felt sick today (first thought was „swineflue!“ ;) but I still wanted to give it a try.

After doing some warm ups I tried on „Homeless“.
Absolutely my favourite song not only because it is a full-ballad but also because it is so beautiful to sing. It took us about an hour to get it done and there was only one song left to do. Voicewise I was as fit as never before on these recordings. Maybe because I felt sick I was eased. Maybe because we wanted to get done? Or maybe all together?

We decided to go on and do as much as I can today. The last song to do was „Der Tote See“ (Dead Lake) a pure electro song which made it at last to be on this album. Inevitably I started to shake to the music and had a blast singing it. Half an hour and I was done. What? „Der Tote See“ also is completely held in german and just cool to sing. So we just had to make some small corrections on some songs that I also recorded very fast......and all of a sudden I felt like running way over finish.

It took me a while to get that we are done recording the vocals fort his album. Tomorrow we will have to correct some things on the guitars and then we will have to wait for some lines on bassguitar and afterwards we will have to let it rest for some days. Then it all will be mixed and afterwards it will leave our house to be mastered and to be pressed..... following that Stepp it will get to you guys. ☺
Until then I wish you well and have a good time.